2013 Ford Edge Squeaking noise on Passenger side front end

I have a 2013 Ford Edge that has a noise coming from the front end that literally sounds like a dog squeaky toy. The noise seems to only occur when the vehicle is cold (sitting out under 40 degrees). Noise does not occur when the vehicle is stationary, only driving for the first 5 min or so. worse at 2000-2500 rpms and and 15-25 mph. Once the vehicle is warm the noise goes away.
It has been making the noise off and on for about 2 years. Found a video on you tube that someone had the exact problem but nobody has been able to pinpoint it. Some have said the PTU unit as this is a common problem on the edges. But there is no fluid leaking, and I find it hard to believe that if this was the case it would have failed by now or been making more of a grinding clunking noise. We did replace a idler pulley that was making noise and put on new belts, did not fix it. It definitely seems to be coming from the front left side.
Vacuum leak? or a engine seal that is sucking air when you accelerate and then warms and expands and closes off the air leak?? Please help

Is it related to engine speed? Or going over bumps?

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Some what with speed, 15-25 mph and 2000-2500 rpms but quits after about 3 min of driving.
Here is a link to the video that is that exact noise someone else had.

If you haven’t yet had the front wheel bearings checked, I suggest that you do so right away.

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That’s the drivers side?


I’d try turning off the climate system to see if it’s something in that causing the noise. Another possibility is an idler pulley for the serpentine belt.

Have you checked out the Ford Edge forums?

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It is the passenger side front area.
Idler pulley just replaced and new belts.
Climate system off and on, still same noise.
Not really a bearing noise if you watch the video, and we did check them.

from the replies in that youtube video:

For this person and their 2014 Ford Flex anyway, it was a power transfer unit.

Yeah I had seen that but if it was the PTU it wouldn’t last almost 2 years. I think it would have went out by then and from what i read, they make a real grinding noise

The symptom is pretty consistent with an accessory drive belt noise, belt worn, or adjusted too loose etc. I had a problem like that on my Corolla, went away immediately after adjusting the alternator belt. Pulley bearings associated w/belt paths would be my next guess, but less likely. Contrary to the way most materials react to heat, as rubber belts heat they tighten up by themselves, causing a loose-belt squeal or squeak to go away. Worn belt tensioners are another possibility.

Could be from the suspension system too. You could test if it goes away by coasting in neutral, engine at idle rpm, but the same vehicle speed.