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2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid - no sound

There is no sound for any thing - can’t turn on my radio

Does the radio light up when you turn it on? If not, you may have a loose electrical connection. If it lights up the speaker connection could be loose or there could be an internal problem. Have a car audio shop look at it.

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I have a 2013 also. This problem has been discussed a lot in the Ford C-Max forums. I have had the radio refuse to turn off and also refuse to turn on. No one has found a 100% reliable fix for the problem. The immediate fix is to pull the radio fuse, wait 10 seconds and reinsert. The power cycle will jog it back to sanity again. It’s F79, beneath the glove compartment. See page 277 in the manual. There is a cheap fuzzy cover over the fuses, pull two plastic buttons out at either end and it will come off to reveal the fuse panel.