2014 ford fiesta radio

My radio started making a loud popping sound and it would go off. If I turned the car off and on again, the radio would work again. This got more frequent and within months, there was just loud static and popping and the radio quit altogether.
The loud crackling and popping happens even with the car turned off. I had to pull the fuse for the radio to make it stop.
I looked online and found others with this problem, they said it was the radio gone bad or wires crossed, etc. I took the radio out, checked all the wires, ordered another radio and the new one doesn’t work either. Same crackling and popping.
Any suggestions, Please??


“happens even with the car turned off” Does the radio have power at this point? Seems like it does if you have to pull the fuse. That seems to say you have two problems, one, radio remains powered on when switched off and even with accessory ignition switch off. Two, noise from speakers.

In fact you never mention turning the radio off. Perhaps you can’t? Which indicates a wiring problem.

Do all of these problems occur with the new radio? can’t turn it off and noise?

You need to see an auto electrical specialist. Someone butchered your wiring badly. Did you buy this car new? Radio standard or aftermarket?