2014 Jeep - Noise when put into Reverse or Park

My youngest son has a Jeep, 2014. I’m not sure what model. All I know it’s one of their smaller ones. He lives in FL, I live in IN, and I haven’t seen it in years.

He’s been trying to do some preventive maintenance work and every time he does, he ends up taking it back to the repair shop because they mess something up. Well, he got it back from the shop and everything was fine until today. He just got home, went to back into a parking space, put it in reverse, and the vehicle started making a loud sound. The sound is even worse in park, but if he puts it in drive it’s not bad. I don’t know what to make of it. To me, it almost sounds like the engine cooling fan is what’s making the noise but I can’t be for sure that’s what it is. He sent me a short video of it but I can’t upload it here. Has anyone here ever seen or heard of that happening? I’ve seen some people say it could be the mount, others say the transmission itself could going out, or even the torque converter. Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Update: It’s a Jeep Patriot.

It’s kinda hard to help with a vehicle problem when the information provided is second hand.

Here’s an idea.

Have your son get on here and let him tell us what’s going on.


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Good point. He is, however, fast asleep. He is in the US Navy, assigned to NAS Jacksonville, and his current shift starts at 4:30 AM. He’s an air traffic controller. He plans on taking it back to the repair shop in the morning and is going to have someone follow him to ensure he makes it.

I have a video that he recorded and sent to me. If there is a way I can that into your hands (or anyone else for that matter), would that work? I have a Google Drive account and I believe I can send it to you.

I’d suggest a different shop. I’ve had torque converter noise like that before, whining sound.

Trust me, this is the last time he’ll be going there. After this, he’s going to find a shop closer to his new residence.

OK , I would approach this a different way . Posting a video of noise might get several guesses and one may even be close . You tell him what was said , he repeats it to the shop and just annoys them . Just let them see the vehicle and if they can’t fix it find a better shop.

I’m tracking, and he’s careful not to do that. We’ve talked about his Jeep several times in the past several days but he’s careful not to repeat what I tell him, except of course, advise about changing engine and transmission fluids, a coolant flush, checking the brakes, etc.

Sounds like a plan, someone will need to assess the noise in person.

Impossible to discuss this without basic information like location of the noise: front/rear, exterior/interior, duration of the noise: short/continuous. Belt squeal, engine growl.


When I heard the video, the noise is there while stationary. The level increases when in reverse or park, but not so much when in drive. It doesn’t sound like engine knocking like when the oil level is very low, and it didn’t sound like a growl or belt squeal. To me, it sounded a lot like a cooling fan get very loud, like the bearing is possibly going out. It’s exterior, though it can be heard from the inside too, and it’s constant when the engine is started. I told him I thought he should just get it towed to be on the safe side. Heck, I’d pay for it.

Weird sounds heard in R and P, but not in D? I don’t think we’ve every had that symptom reported here. Sounds only heard in R could be caused by the engine shifting to a different position in R (b/c the engine mounts are deteriorating say). But that wouldn’t explain the same noise in P. hmmm … when the noise is heard in P, is it also heard the same in N?

You probably have to convert it to a u-tube vdo, then post the link to the u-tube here. In any event it probably isn’t worth the time to do it, sounds are very difficult to ID via the internet.

The shop will raise the hood and listen to the fan, switch off the A/C and see if the fan/noise stops. There isn’t much you can do from 1000 miles away. This type of failure can’t be blamed on a previous maintenance visit.

Did you diagnose the engine performance problem with your Corolla?

The noise is the same in Park or Reverse. He didn’t try Neutral though I should have asked him to try that. When the Jeep is in drive the noise is there, just not nearly as loud.

Hahahahaha. My Corolla still has the same problem. I haven’t gotten it fixed yet and I’m to the point where I’m afraid to ask anyone to look at it, though I really should.

“This type of failure can’t be blamed on a previous maintenance visit.” He had the Jeep in for preventive maintenance and they did something to fix/repair the throttle body??? After that the Jeep ran even worse and when he took it back to them, they said, "oh, I think we guessed wrong and the problem was the intake manifold gasket. I mean, come on, how can someone make that mistake? Even I know the difference! Thankfully they repaired it at no cost, but I told him this is the last time you should take it there. Take it to a certified Jeep mechanic from now on. But now with this problem he’s taking it back yet again to see if they missed something else, or did something to cause it.

Neither one of those are preventive maintenance, follow the maintenance schedule.

UPDATE: Thankfully it wasn’t anything major, but apparently a rock got jammed in one of the motor mounts. The technician said something about how engine moves when a particular gear is what allowed the rock to get jammed in one of the mounts. I gotta admit, that one surprised me. I’ve never heard of that happening.


That’s a common way shops test for a faulty motor mount. Glad you got that pesky noise solved!