2013 Dodge Avenger horn constantly honking

horn constantly honking

Pull the fuse to stop it while you check the wiring.

Based on the limited amount of info you posted I assume you have little mechanical/electrical experience. Do not touch the steering wheel as the air bag is there and you will have a very bad day if it deploys while you try to access the horn button. Take it to an independent mechanic to repair


The horn function is controlled by the Totally Integrated Power Module.


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Find the horn relay in the TIPM under the hood and swap it with another relay. There should be a few identical ones there. For example, the wiper motor relay appears to be the same.

The 2013 dodge Avenger does not have a relay for th ehorn.

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This is a 2013 Dodge Avenger. The car does not have a relay for the horn. I was told that I would have to replace the TIPM. This part is very expensive.

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Are you sure? RockAuto lists a relay.

The horn wiring circuit for 2013 Avenger shows no relay.

Only the TIPM to the horns.


In that case, a hard reset of the TIPM helped solve some electrical issues in my Ram. It’s worth a try and costs nothing.

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