2013 Honda CR-V - Self-honking horn (not a Tesla)

Horn has started to honk on its own during early morning hours…sometimes one, two, three or four times. No more than four. Keys are not in bed with me, so i am not causing it to honk on its own. Car is garaged and not out in the cold. It is rarely under 40 degrees in my garage.

If you are certain it isn’t honking by some remote signal, pretty good chance the horn switch in the steering wheel area is starting to fail. Could also be the switch is ok, but something is sticking, plastic parts likely, and as temperature changes, causing the switch to turn on.

If I had that problem the first thing I’d do is remove batteries from anything that might cause it to honk on w/remote signal. If it still honks by itself, your shop will probably have to start digging into the horn switch area.

As reference: My 30 year old Corolla’s horn switch remains original & reliable, but my 50 year old truck’s horn stopped working early on, at around the 3 year old mark. Switch was ok, but plastic part that activated switch broke. Been working fine the past 47 years. I don’t find need to honk the horn very often.

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Just a note: This is the Car Talk Community’s 4th-ever Horn post!

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It may take a while to find out what’s causing the horn to honk.

In the meantime, I’d pull the horn relay to prevent the horn from honking.


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If the honk is the same you would get from hitting the keyless lock button twice, you might be able to disable the function in the vehicle settings. If the tone duration is inconsistent, you might try replacing your horn relay.

I had the same problem years ago on a 1971 Ford Maverick. It was the horn switch. There was no horn relay on the Maverick and the current drawn by the horn flowed through the switch.

As long as we are going off the rail about how horns worked on old cars… our 1950 Nash had the contact t stick when we were going to church.

Disconnect the horn

Sem,s car horns are more reliable, but cell phone sounds are taking their place.

The Vet would remove the horns from our cows.

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Same car, same problem when it got cold.