2013 civic 1500 rpm stutter, what could it be?

Okay so I’ve had this issue with my car since I purchased it, I’ve been to the dealership and they have told me it’s nothing…however it seems to be getting worse and I’m not trying to put myself nor my children in a position where we break down in winter. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.When I am first taking off after warming up my car I have to go up a hill when I get to about 10 mph or 1500 rpms it does a spit and sputter and I have to push the gas more and it’s fine. It happens on any incline when I am going slow and starting out. It’s not enough of a sputter to shut the car off just jerks and feels very noticable to me. Could it be a fuel issue? Perhaps transmission? I changed my spark plugs and had my coil packs checked because it was a loss of power issue. Thank you**

I am assuming the check engine light is off and there are no codes because you had a mechanic look at it. My first thought is that the throttle position sensor could have a dead spot and can be checked with a scanner. My second thought would be a dirty throttle body and\or IAC sensor.

No codes and no lights unfortunately. Thank you, that’s a great idea and one that both my dad and I haven’t even thought of. I appreciate your time.