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1997 Honda Civic stuttering?

My 97’ Honda civic 5 speed has been stuttering in all gears off and on for the last week after the maintenance light came on. I took it to the mechanic and the reading said ‘throttle sensor error.’ They replaced the throttle sensor and reset the indicator light. I got it back yesterday morning and it’s begun doing it again although the indicator light has not come back on (yet). Any ideas on what this might be? Feels like the engine is going to drop out of the car and the frame will keep going when it stutters like this. Prior to taking it to the mechanic I checked the oil and replaced the spark plugs too.

Take the vehicle back and have them check for what are called Pending Codes. If they’re capable of this. Pending codes are those that are stored in the engine management system but haven’t occured often enough to turn the Check Engine light on.