2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD - Diesel engine issues

My Silverado diesel has had the ck eng lite come on and off the last 5 years. On two occasions the Chevy dealer replaced the indirect fuel injector and the second time they replaced a part in the DEF tank.After several months the ck eng lite came on again…I took it the Chevy dealer and now they said due to the trouble code P2599 the turbocharger and reductant injector has to be replaced which will cost $6600.
I looked up the symptoms of P2599 and I have never experienced any of those symptoms the entire time I had the truck. I have received two letters from General Motors alerting me to potential problems with fuel injector and DEF tank system. I know the check engine lights comes on when there is a malfunction in the engine. How does work when it turns itself off? This has happen several time while driving.
I have read other people’s experience with this problem and they all had engine failures. In my case not once in the 44400 miles has there been engine trouble.

When the Check Engine light shuts off, it means the malfunction no longer exists.


Can you have a turbocharger problem without any effect on the performance of the engine?


The engine is designed to run with the turbo.

If there’s a problem with the turbo, the engine won’t run right. and/or smoke would be pouring out the exhaust.


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I have a 5 year, 50,000 mile warranty on my Silverado diesel on the power train. Is the turbocharger considered part of the power train?

A 2013 is now 6 years old so I guess not . But talk to a dealer service department for the correct answer .

Double check this with your dealer, and double check your owners manual. The Turbo is considered part of the emissions system, and therefore may have a 7 year, 70,000 mile warranty (especially if you live in CA or places that go by CA emissions standards.)

in my 2014 manual, it has a * by Turbo in the emissions system- so it may be even longer than 7 years. Push your service adviser for more info.