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2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport - turbo malfunction after recall repair

This model was recalled to fix a problem with a software related to the fuel injection (so was I told) and to prevent a motor failure. Just getting out of the garage I noticed that the Santa Fe sport was no longer sport. It rather responded like an old cow. I returned to the garage to be told that there was a malfunction of the turbo… a mere coincidence they said. They unblocked the turbo at a cost of 225+ and it failed again after a few weeks. I should replace the turbo at a cost of 2000+. To sum it up I had a Santa Fe sport with no apparent problem and through a recall I end up with a cow or a lemon that will cost more than $2000 to fix,. I unfortunately do not believe in such coincidences…

Is the check engine light on?



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Offhand, sounds like an oil sludging or coking issue which affects both turbocharger and the oil feel to it.

Coincidences do happen although I’m full aware of the suspicion level.

How many miles on the car and how often do you change the oil both as to miles and time?

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42 000 miles over 4 ½ years

maintenance including synthetic oïl every 6 months

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this vehicle is likley under the warranty, why not to check if condition is covered?

also, I recall this make had oil sludging problem on cars manufactured few years back, it was even some program addressing the issue, just from memory

The warrenty was 3 years overall and 5 years motor but they say it is not a motor issue.

I do thank you a lot; I will do my best to make good use of the hints you gave me and I’ll dig into the possibility you raised about oïl ludging issues

Serge Lavallee

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I doubt the fuel injection software update recall had anything to do w/the turbo failure. Are you able to post a link to that particular service bulletin?

Typically, there is a basic warranty, often called the “bumper to bumper warranty”, and a powertrain warranty. The powertrain warranty lasts longer than the basic warranty. If the dealer is claiming that the factory-installed turbocharger isn’t covered under the powertrain warranty, that’s a bunch of bullplop. You need to contact the manufacturer’s zone office to complain about your dealer refusing to honor the warranty.

It’s probably covered under the emissions warranty, not powertrain. Here’s an example for 2020, the OP should refer to the booklet provided with their car-