2013 Chevrolet Impala squealing steering column

Ever have an occasional slight squealing noise from the steering column when turning the steering wheel ?

If the sound is from under the hood, you might need to add fluid to the power steering system.

Thanks for the reply
The sound is from the column itself inside the car. It is only occasional.
It’s a “swish-swish” as if two pieces of plastic were lightly rubbing

Between the steering shaft and the steering column are plastic bushings.

These bushings get dirty/dry out and start squealing.

Temperature usually has an effect.

If you want to get rid of the squealing, the steering wheel is removed so a lubricant can be applied so it runs down the steering shaft to the plastic bushings.


I experience something similar on my Corolla in the summer, but only when the interior temperature is pretty hot, over 95 degrees probably. I think it is just some plastic parts interfering a little when they expand with temperature. Goes away after it cools down later in the day.

Cars are so quiet now that I often get complaints about the light squeak from the steering column. It is usually from the boot where the steering shaft passes through the firewall. A dab of silicone grease will quiet the noise.

Thank you

I will note the temperature next time and see if there is a corelation

I suppose the bushings would get damaged by this. I will enquire about the cost of repair. I love this car and am willing to inccur repair costs within limits.

I doubt it is damaging anything. Unless you can’t tolerate the sound, best bet is to just ignore.

It is barely audible so it is not a bother. Thank you for the information. Good point about the quietness of today’s cars

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Yes, we can all see all replies.

So thank you all for all the quick responses !