2013 Chevrolet Captiva Sport Fleet - Stalls

My Captive stall on me often! No lights go on, on the dash. It just stalls whenever it wants. I’ve taken it to many different mechanics who have tried small fixed that did nothing. It’s been scanned many times but they find nothing. As a last resort I had the timing chain replaced. Did absolutely nothing. HELP ME!

Why would you do this? Guessing is NOT the answer, as you found. It just empties your bank account.

I notice you didn’t tell us ANYthing about your car except it stalls and it is a 2013 Captiva. Not the mikleage, not the engine size, not the transmission type and you didn’t really describe your problem other than “stall on me often” How about you tell us more about the car?

Or, find a better mechanic and explain your stalling situation more fully to them than you did to us.