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2014 Chevrolet Captiva Sport - CEL

2014 chevy captiva, in the dash it says lossing power, and of course, that is what happened turned the car off waited about 15 minutes turned it back on the everything went off except the engine light after reading all of the reviews on these small suv’s I regret even buying one.

So? Upgrade time if you don’t like it.

Take it to an independent mechanic you trust and find out why the check engine light is on. Then have it fixed and start saving for something else.

If you don’t want to take it to a mechanic immediately, most auto parts stores will read the codes for free.

What car do you plan to buy instead that is guaranteed to have no issues in six years?

A new Hyundai or Kia will carry a nice long warranty. 5yr./60k bumper-to-bumper, 10yr./100k powertrain. It won’t guarantee no issues but it will help with repairs.

How long have you had the Captiva? I’d find out what is wrong before getting rid of it. Get the codes read at a chain parts store if there are any open near you. Otherwise, pay a mechanic you trust to diagnose the problem and propose a repair, including cost. If it’s too expensive, get a second opinion.

Thank you I’m having it checked this morning

I’m curious about where you might reside.
IIRC, this model was only sold in The US to car rental companies.
If you reside in The US, did you buy it as a used car from a car rental company?
If not, in which country do you reside?