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2013 Cadillac XTS - Que-tastrophy

Cadillac xts 2013 dash que went ? out of warranty dealer wants $1800 to fix! only has 58,000 miles? can I buy que and change myself ! @ this mileage it should;nt of gone or should be a recall ? all I really want is the radio controls?

I don’t know if you have the skills to replace the dash but labor is likely not the highest cost. The dash is the bulk of that $1800.

You own a Cadillac, $1800 should not be an issue.


Probably not, with the way all the electronics in newer cars must communicate with each other,
you don’t have the programming software to reset all the anti theft and anti tampering devices so they can work with each other.

It’s to make stolen electronics almost useless and to prevent odometer tampering.

thanks but at only 58,000 miles I think gm should recall it and fix it for free? I am an American car guy but can see why everyone is buying foreign cars!thank for answering!

Mileage isn’t relevant here, just the age. The car is now 6+ years old and one of the high-end electronic features has failed. Just part of ownership of a luxo car.

Recalls are only for mechanical items whose failure may cause damage or injury. Infotainment items are just an inconvenience.

My wife drives a 2018 Cadillac with the Cue system. Having to repair these items is in the back of my mind.


This is unfornataly very common for this system. It can be repaired, possibly by you if you are handy. YouTube and Google can provide instructions. Otherwise I suggest kindly reaching out to Cadillac and letting them know you are not pleased and seeing if they will help pay for the repair. You will get a fast reply if you post anything in the comments on one of their social media posts. Otherwise shop around for a local radio/car electronics shop. It will be much cheaper to have it repaired vs. replaced.