2013 Cadillac CTS Sedan - Odd front whell hop

What’s the problem is and how it can be fixed? This car pops and the front driver’s side wheel skips when making a steep turn. It sounds as if you’re running over something. The steering is very difficult to control because it pulls to the left. We were told that everyone has driven this car; managers, supervisors, etc. and it’s normal for these types of cars.

A little more information would help . Is this a new problem that just started ? Did you buy it used and it has done this since you got it ? Who are these people that say this is normal ( I really doubt that it is ) and have you taken it to a independent front end shop ?

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Only to the left? Not the right? Has the car ever been hit?

Is your car awd?

If the OP’s CTS has AWD, I suspect that the Constant Velocity Joints are failing.
If it is a RWD model, then I can only suggest that he take the car to the best front end shop in the area for evaluation.

In any event, it’s definitely not “normal”.

Maybe it’s a CTS-V? Nice car.

Hmmm… Three days have passed, and the OP has not returned to this thread to respond to any of our questions. Another drive-by posting?