I’ve been experiencing a low rumble/chatter type noise only at extemely low speeds in conjunction with turning the vehicle (as you would in a parking lot). You can also ‘feel’ this noise to a slight degree on the steering wheel. This event happens going forward or in reverse. Additionally, it seems to be coming predominantly from the rear of the car. This has been going on for several months. My mechanic has ruled out any recall notices, tires, and brakes. He suspects it may be the drive train? Any ideas?

A recall on a 1955 Belair?

Seriously, what kind of vehicle are we talking about?

Sounds like a typical Sabaru AWD complaint but since the OP can’t/won’t tell us year, make and model who knows. I will guess that there is a loose part between the steering wheel and the drivers seat cushion.

Since we will apparently be forced to guess the make and model of the vehicle, I am going to guess that it is a Honda CR-V. The known issues with the center differential of that model cause me to guess that this is the model under discussion.

Does anyone else want to play, Guess the Make and Model?

Apparently, make/model pull down menus were recently added to the dialog for asking a question.

Unfortunately, the make and model then appear obscurely on the right hand side under “Tagged.” I believe the OP identified this vehicle as a Cadillac CTS. The drop downs don’t ask for a model year so that will remain a mystery for now.

That is not a good implementation of the dropdown results. . .