I have a 1997 Cadillac. Sometimes when I am driving, my steering is gone. For about 2 seconds or so, it feels like there is no steering. It slips or disengages or misses. I feel like I could just pick the steering wheel up and it would just come off. Then it is back again. My garage cannot make it do it and cannot find anything wrong. It has happened 4 times and it really scares me.

Does this happen before or after you’ve been to the local tavern ? :slight_smile:

Any connection between this condition and the weather, particularly rain?

Thanks for your thoughts. No, not rain or snow, just dry roads. It has happened all 4 times after I have driven about 10 miles. Two times it was when I arrived at a friend’s house on a straight flat highway, and two times while going up skiing on a dry roads in a curving canyon.

What kind of “garage” is this? I would immediately take it to a local, independent shop that specializes in front end work so that it can be thoroughly inspected. Truly, most any kind of shop should be able to inspect tie rods - but a lot of them might only look at the outer - someone also ought to look at the inner - as well as checking out everything else.

It’s the garage where I always take my car. They know my car pretty well. As far as inspecting the tie rods, I’ll ask them if they did that. Thanks for your response.