2016 Buick Cascada - Won't let go of key!

2016 Buick Casada will not release ignition key when shift lever is moved to park . Have tried rotating steering wheel, the only way to remove key is to start vehicle and shift trans to other gears and then back to park several times until key is freed. GM dealer in Fla. wanted to replace shifter assy but none could be located within time available…The dealer mechanic disassembled shifter to lubrcate til I could get back to home, Now have to “play” with the shifter to get it to release the key and turn off power.
( engine turns off with key-but dash power lites are still on )
This problem has nothing to do with the steering wheel position but the transmission shifter on the consul. …Sometimes it works fine but most of the time I must Shift the Trans with the key in the "RUN " position to get the key free for removal.
Dealer quote for shifter replacement was $600.00
Mileage is 43,000

The tech lubed and adjusted the shifter and that did not permanently fix it.

I think the solution is clear… install a new shifter.


Some part has changed dimension due to wear, and the only sol’n is probably to replace that part. If part isn’t available, just have to wait until it comes in. The only alternative would be to hire the shop staff to customize the current part. Might be quite time consuming, therefore expensive.

The lock on my passenger door on my Corolla stopped working at around the 25 year mark, key wouldn’t turn the lock. The reason was the key had worn over time when I used it on the driver’s side. No problem on driver’s side b/c lock on that side had worn along w/key, as that’s the side I used the key in the most. My solution, I removed passenger side lock and customized the tumbler dimensions w/a grinding tool so they fit the worn key. Works great, but the customization procedure was quite time consuming so not economical except for diy’er.