2012 VW Jetta

test driving one on Monday – what should I expect? This car is 26K with navigation, automatic.

Wow! A 4th thread already!

You should expect that I am thoroughly confused by your many posts. Is this a TDI or gasoline car?

TDI … and I will post under Toyota from now on. Thanks
40 32 =mpg

what i forgot to mention about the TDI is you’ll have more expensive maintenance for the vehicle than a gasoline version. Not sure what they use, but you might have to add something to the car every so often for emissions(urea?).

I’ve never driven a VW, so I’m not sure what you’ll experience during your drive.

How did a 2012 Jetta acquire 26K miles already?

26k is the price, I believe, with navigation and automatic.

My mistake, but:

$26K for a Jetta???!!!

I don’t care how many mpg’s it gets, that’s a lot of money.

I’ve yet to hear anything positive about the new Jetta, except for the mileage of the TDI.

And then you have to factor in the expensive VW maintenance.

This is not a car for me.

With the premium package and navigation, the Jetta lists for $26,000. And there is a cost associated with going from a gas engine to a diesel. Similar premiums exist for hybrids like the Camry or Civic. A similar Civic Hybrid is closer the $27,000.