2012 Volkswagen Tiguan - headliner unraveled

Headliner got stuck and we gently pulled it while pushing the button to move it forward…we smelled “burning” (the headliner motor?) - now the headliner has metal parts coming out and is completely unraveled…how do we fix it?


Not sure what you broke. Does this car have a sunroof? Did the headliner get stuck? Did the motor burn up?

Replace headliner, replace sunroof motor, replace anything else you find broken up there when it comes out.

Bring lots of cash or an empty credit card with a high limit, this won’t be cheap.

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Do you mean the glass sunroof to the outside is stuck open or the interior sunshade itself?

its the interior sunshade that is stuck and now broken, but it is shut all the way

Well at least the sunroof isn’t open. You may get away with just dropping the headliner to repair it. Or just remove the sunshade and throw it away.