2012 Toyota Corolla - Keep it or replace it?

Now that my warranty is out should I keep or get rid of my vehicle? I don’t know a good reliable mechanic because I used my dealership for service. Thinking about buying an SUV. Here in Albuquerque I am wondering if it would be safer to drive? The only reason for keeping my present car would be is I know the condition of it and the miles are low since I don’t drive a lot? Thanks for your help. The insurance here in New Mexico goes up a lot each year maybe the Corolla is cheaper to insure also?

I’d keep it, Toyota Corollas are generally reliable. Plus you know the maintenance history for the vehicle.

You could also continue to use the dealership, but it would be cheaper to use an independent mechanic.

Some are, some aren’t. You’ll have to research safety ratings and compare.

This is why I would keep it personally

That’s a question to ask your insurance representative

If you have maintained the car well, it can easily go a couple hundred thousand miles with little trouble. If you want an SUV, buy one, but don’t justify it by selling a perfectly good car. We keep our cars 12 to 15 years and with proper maintenance they have worked well for us.