Which car would you sell

I have a 1995 Toyota Corolla, it has been my car since college. I brought it to the dealership. They say everything is fine other then a big service, a trnnamission flush, and a small leak in the steering fluid. It has about 120000 miles and still runs fine.

We also have a 2000 Saturn LS1 with 121000 that we bought used from my brother in law. He was the second owner. We have not brought it in to see everything that was needed to be fixed. I know one window falsl down, and some stiching in the seat is coming undone. I am leaning towards keeping the Toyota. We had to get a larger car for kids but plan on commuting to work with the smaller car and bike.

Any ideas on which car to keep would be great. We can get more money for the Saturn and use it for gas and to fix up the Toyota…

If you have to sell one, I would sell the Saturn. The Toyota has a longer life expectancy, is more reliable, and you know the car since you ahve owned it. Saturns are notorious for head gasket problems, an expensive repair.

Thanks for the reply. I want to keep the Toyota but was worried since it is 5 years older than the Saturn.

The entire Saturn division may no longer exist 5 years from now. GM will be downsizing soon, and the Saturn division has never made much money; it also duplicates other product lines. The Saturn engine is unique to that division, as is the plastic body. Parts for these may be very hard to get in the future. Some time back I warned my friends not to buy any Oldsmobile models.

Recently I enquired if parts for a 1982 Toyota Cressida were still available, and Toyota said “yes”.

Likely not the same one you would.

You would sell the Toyota-reasons? Thanks

I vote to keep the Corolla-more reliable and better built.

Definitely sell the Saturn. It is currently depreciating at a head-spinning rate and will likely go below the value of your Corolla in the next year or two. There’s a good reason why Saturns depreciate so rapidly-- they’re crummy cars. The sooner you get it sold the better.

another suggestion would be to sell both and use the money for a newer vehicle

Keep the Corolla, sell the Saturn. The Saturn LS1 has never gotten remotely close to the reliability ratings of a Corolla, regardless of year or mileage.

Find an independent mechanic to service and maintain your Corolla. The Toyota dealer is charging for things you don’t need. Find and read the owner’s manual, especially the maintenance schedule. Follow it (not the dealer’s schedule) and your Corolla will last many more miles.

You HAVE had the Corolla’s timing belt replaced, haven’t you? If not, do it RIGHT NOW.