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Should I replace my clutch

My 1996 Toyota Corolla needs a new clutch. Should I replace it?

Your post is too vague. Do you mean:

Is fixing it worth the money or should I buy a different car?
Should I attempt to do the job myself?
Should I keep driving it with a worn clutch until the clutch is completely useless?

Is your question should I replace my car? or is it Should I replace my clutch?

If it is broken, then yes. If it doesnt need it then no. Obvious solution is obvious.

that’s the question. Is it worth it.

clutch is shot…do I trash the car and move on or try to keep it alive

1 and 3 are the questions. mechanic says it is not safe to drive but I have not problem driving it…

I know nothing about your car. How many miles, accidents, rust, and your own financial position are important. However if I was you, if the car is in good shape with low miles, then I would probably replace it. If its about to fall apart, then I would not. Either way I probably wouldn’t just kee driving it, I drove a car with a broken transmission for a while, Unsafe? Well if you consider the car changing gears arbitrarily on the freeway causing me to make a 4 lane lane change and aim for the shoulder then yes, unsafe!

thanks for your sane thoughts. 150,000 miles, rust and dents but not about to fall apart. for the moment other driving alternatives…

Hard to see where the need for a clutch should condem a vehicle, how much does the mechanic want too charge? if its 2000.00 I say NO. There is a limit of course.

The car should not be sent to the crusher just because it needs a new clutch. If there are other significant issues, ie. a blown head gasket and a worn out clutch perhaps then crush it.

The question is; are you going to pay to have the clutch job done or sell the car? You can see if you can get a buyer for the car “as is”. A mechanic or a teenager might be happy to take it off your hands and put in the clutch.

If the clutch were fine would you keep the car 5 years? If yes, replace it and drive it. In 5 years you’ll have you money’s worth out the cost of the repair. And, it the car still drives you’ll be able to sell it for a few bucks. If you have taken care of the Corolla so far and continue to maintain it this is a car model that tends to last a long time.

If you can’t find a buyer “as is” and you can drive other cars see if you have a high school or vocational school with an auto shop class. This would be a good class project. It will take longer, but usually you only have to pay for the parts and clutch parts aren’t that expensive for a Corolla.

If all else fails donate the car for a tax write off.

You might want to get more than one estimate. I generally recommend a local INDEPENDENT mechanic. They generally charge less for the same work and are far more likely to consider alternative solutions. For example a damaged wire may be fixed by replacing the device the wire is attached to, or it may be replaced by just fixing the damaged wire. Dealers are more likely to replaced the device, Independent mechanics tend to fix just the wire, (a lot cheaper and 98% as good.

750 for clutch plus some other work would bring it to 1,000 to get the car in shape

Personal choice. It is maintenance on a manual transmission vehicle albiet pricier. Joys of 14+ year old cars.

I am completely confused now. If you’re not having a problem driving it, then in what way is the clutch in need of replacement? No problems driving = no slipping. . .

If the rest of the car is in good shape id get the clutch replaced and drive it another 100,000

Unless that damaged wire is connected to your fuel sending unit and after you get your car back (from having just the wire repaired) you don’t put any fuel in it because the gauge says “half” full (erroronusly) and then you want too sue the shop because you ran out of gas and missed your flight.