2012 Toyota Camry - Shuttering/Vibration

My toyota makes a shake like going over treads beside the highway when going 35 - 55 mph really shutters til it gets past that speed, transmission problem maybe?

Huh? What are you calling “treads”

How many miles on this Camry, what engine, is the check engine light on, how long has this doing this, have you recently had new tires??? Questions we need some answers for to help.

I think by ’ treads ’ they mean the rumble strips to alert that the driver has wandered off the highway onto the shoulder.

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125,000 miles, no engine lights…going on about 1 year, progressively getting worse, tires were new around same time too. dont know if that was the cause or not…dont think it happened at the same time, but I didnt notice til one of my kids told me about it. now its very annoying any help you can give is appreciated thanks

yes didnt know thats what they were called thanks

That could be a shudder from the torque converter. This service campaign appears to be relevant:


thanks a bunch! that helps a lot

It is very possible that this is an indication of a problem with the torque converter lockup mechanism, so–yes–this could well be a transmission problem.