Car making cricket sound on expressway

Hey I drive a Camry 2013 le . I’ve put 100,000 miles on the vehicle since I first got it 3 years ago . And I’m aware that overtime things need changing. I like to handle as they come before they become bigger issues . For the past year and some change , going past 40 mph, I “sometimes” feel like I’m going over the middle strip of the road , but the street can be smooth and new. And it shakes car . As of recently I’m getting a cricket l/whistling on the expressways . I tried to upload video but it won’t allow . Any suggestions? It’s not break pads, rotors or wheel bearing because I just changed those …

Which one, wait a year or fix as they come up ?

Try rotating tires, could be a tire coming apart. Fronts to rear/rears to front. See if the symptoms move.

Well within the last year I’ve replaced 3 tires

Why 3 tires and not 4?

Does this mean you have 3 tires of one brand and type of tire and the 4th another?

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That could be a shudder from the torque converter. This service campaign appears to be relevant:

Unfortunately, if it wasn’t done by the previous owner, it appears that the fix will no longer be free.

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Putting up with a problem for a year does not sound like ( handling things as they come ).

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That sounds like torque converter shudder. There is a Customer Support Program for the torque converter, the warranty has been extended to 8 years/150,000 miles.

There is a service bulletin to address a high pitched noise from the transaxle at highway speeds, a modified shift cable has been developed to reduce the noise to the vehicles cabin.

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