2005 Ford Expedition

My '05 Expedition will be driving normal at highway speeds, and when I need to apply a little more throttle to start up a hill I get a shutter thru the truck that sounds and feels like driving over a rumble strip. It doesnt last but just a second or two, but it happens frequently. Is it something in the 4wd? Transmission? or…?

Check the U-joints/CV joints for wear

I am having this same problem with the same exact vehicle! Has anybody resolved this issue and with what solution?? Mechanics can’t find what’s wrong, no service lights are coming on and nothing comes up with a diagnostic reading, please help!

If auto-tran, this sounds consistent w/ torque converter shudder to me. Esp if the transmission seems to be shifting or trying to shift when this happens. This may be normal. Are you certain it is worse now than it was before? If not, try to compare your car to another of the same make/model.