2012 Subaru Outback - Front End Vibrations

I’m having shaking that feels like it’s in the front end of the car (drivers side, but not the steering wheel, it feels like the wheels) that happens randomly anywhere between 20-90mph, the shaking will only occur when my foot is on the accelerator. As soon as i remove pressure from the pedal it goes away. The problem initially started when i changed out my winter tires and the shop i went to threw out my hub-centric rings (aftermarket wheels by Method), and apparently put the wrong size lug nut on the car. I replaced the hub-centric rings and the lug nuts, had the wheels balanced and aligned, but the problem is still there. Please help!

Could be a driveshaft, cv joint or even motor mount going bad. Could be an out of round tire, Indidn’t see them balanced. A hub might have been bent by the wheel and lug nut screwup. Hard to be more specific out here on the internet. And you didn’t tell us anything about the car. Mileage, transmission type awd, fwd.