2011 Subaru Outback - Shakes

Car shakes & Steering wheel shakes when accelerating at 2500rpm (lower than 2000 rpm not much shaking)
At highway, when accelerating at 3500 - 4000 rpm, shakes and start to make rattling sound.

Make sure your wheels are on tight! Maybe one is bent, or a tire is misshapen from damage.

Is the check engine light lit up?
Or–much more serious–is it blinking/flashing?

You probably need to balance the wheels.

wheel had re-balanced. issue not solved.
mechanic suspect bearing or cv axle.
any idea

Bad wheel bearings don’t cause the wheels and steering to shake. Cv axle can be the cause of excessive vibration if they are worned enough and should click on sharp turns when this happen. Also, a bent wheel can cause excessive vibration and is the cheapest fix.Driving on tires with a broken steel belt can affect the car ride and is very dangerous.

Does this 2011 Outback still have its OEM Continental tires? I ask because I–and many other owners of that model–had an incredible amount of high-speed shake with those tires. Road Force Balancing would help, but only for a few thousand miles, when the high-speed shaking would return. Essentially, those crappy Contis would not “hold” a rebalance for more than a few thousand miles.

My problem was completely resolved by switching to Michelins, but other Outback owners were able to resolve it by switching to other brands. The universal cure was to get rid of the OEM Continental tires.


Thanks corollaguy1, your explanation really good including the concerns of driving the car. actually getting excesive vibration when hitting the gas.
my friend mechanic is still puzzled (suspect bearing or cv axle??? ).
For bearing, bad bearing gives vibration and sound like rattling or two steel hitting each other.
Cv axle seems good, no sound when turning, boot seems ok and no leakage.
He told to get bearing replaced first. hopefully he solved the issue. let you know once done.

It was previously on continental(all season) when I bought it with 180000km, just replaced last Nov2019 using michelins for winter & BF Goodrich all season.

I went to auto repair shop to confirmed balanced,
bf goodrich has been balanced fine.
shaking then with sound issue is still there.

A worn inner CV joint can cause a shake while accelerating, the shake usually begins at 40 MPH and will go away when you release the accelerator. A worn inner CV joint won’t make noise while turning corners, that noise would be from a worn outer joint.

Failing wheel bearings make a humming sound to a roar, depending on the severity.

Shop says vibration is drivetrain?
None blames motor?
Are you swapping tires on 1 set of wheels?
Or do you have 2 sets of wheels?

Hi Nevada545 you got it, thats exactly what I feel when accelerating. have to control my accelation to not to have it shaking.
great info on the cv joint.
Havent order parts yet, I think to go for cv axle replacement first.
let you know…

yeah, that was done on the wheel balance. still shaking…

Changing cv axle on the driver side today. will update later or tomorrow.
Thanks to al your advice.

Jack the car up and secure. Grab the left and right side of each front tire and give them a good hard shake. It should be totally solid tight (aside from the normal steering movement). Grab the top and bottom of each tire and do the same. If there is any slop, locate exactly what is wiggling loose, having a second person help.

If a wheel bearing is bad enough to cause vibrations, you will detect it this way. You will detect a majority of suspension issues this way. You can then shine a light on the control arm bushings and make sure they’re not torn, cracked, deteriorated, etc.

Grab ahold of the axle and give it a bit of a shake. A bad CV axle might sometimes wiggle a bit and you can detect slop at the joint. These will often clunk when turning one specific direction when bad.

If you still find nothing, and tires are balanced and match your vehicle, then take it to a professional. Try not to accelerate and rev too high if you want your transmission and engine to last.

Modern vehicles have rev limiters so a person can’t over rev an engine and they will also take a great deal of spirited driving without making a big difference in the life of the vehicle.

My shaking issues were solved. Now my car is running good again.
CV axle was replaced.
Thank you to all ideas and suggestions.
This forum is awesome.

Thank you for the update