Vibration at 45-60+

Subaru 1998 impreza outback
I have a weird vibration that feels like its revolving or something at high speeds even when i throw it in neutral. I just replaced the front brakes today and i still felt it. Its audibly coming from the front of the car. Car shakes even more when turning right and less when im turning left.

Did a full tire swap the shaking has dropped a ton but it still shakes when i turn.

Changing the tires to different locations is probably the first test. If the vibration changes, good chance it’s a tire or wheel problem. Those weights they put on the wheels when they do the tire balancing fall off all the time. I have two coffee cans full of them I found while taking neighborhood walks.

Okay ill swap the two front tires see if theres a change.

Thanks for the fast reply

George wasn’t very clear, in my opinion

Swap the 2 front tires to the rear . . . and swap the 2 rear tires to the front

Swapping the 2 front tires side to side won’t tell you anything

Crap okay ill do that

I took it for a drive with front tires swapped (i know thats bad cuz rotation) but it definitely felt like it moved to the other side. Also it gets worse when i turn right and lessens when i turn left

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That’s a good clue there’s some problem with the tires.