2012 Scion xB - Windshield search

Looking for un slanted windsheild

This is too vague to even guess what you want . Make a concise question as to what you need and you will get better replies .

Not sure what you mean by this. you cannot change the angle of a windshield without major modifications to the vehicle.

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Depending on make, you need to look for a car built before 1936, likely 1932 or earlier.


Unfortunately, most cars will have angled windshields these days. It’s really hard to find a flat windshield anymore. the closest you will come is a Jeep Wrangler,

If you want a vertical windshield you have to get the roof and A-pillars modified to accommodate it and then get a custom sheet of safety glass fabricated to accommodate the new opening. Then you need to paint the fab work and probably the entire roof, if not the whole car. I’m thinking many thousands of dollars to get this done.

… at which point the vehicle’s original structural integrity would be compromised.

In the event of a major collision, I wouldn’t want to be riding in a vehicle whose owner decided that he knew better than the team of factory engineers who designed the car’s structure with passenger protection in mind.

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I’m guessing that what you mean is you are looking for an untinted piece of glass?
Best thing to do is call a local glass shop or check on eBay. There are a few there around 150. One looks to be untinted if that is what you mean.

A different angle is going to fall into Holy Grail territory and not gonna happen; either as to the glass or someone to install it.

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I think we have another drive by not to be heard from again. :smiley:


Perhaps OP is looking for a source for the vehicle’s rear windshield, which is oriented more or less vertical, compared to the definitely slanted front windshield.

I did not know vehicles had rear windshields . I thought windshields were always on the front of the vehicle .

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Hmmm… I hadn’t considered that the OP was referring to un-tinted glass, so I suppose that this is a possibility. However, 3 days later, I’m not sure that the OP is going to return to clarify her original few words.

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