2018 Nissan Rogue - new battery is draining

The battery is draining, bought a battery less than a month ago. yesterday car would not start got a new battery. what can be doing this?

You might have a “parasitic draw,” where something is draining your battery. There are a bunch of YouTube videos that will show you how to test for one.


If you have any aftermarket add ons, remote starters, stereos, subs, alarms, backup cameras… assume one of these is drawing too much current when the car is off. Pull the fuse or disconnect it completly as a first try.


Is the alternator charging according to the voltmeter in the dash (if a Rogue comes equipped with a voltmeter)? Autozone and O’Reilly’s offer free alternator testing. Not sure the battery would’ve even lasted a month if the alternator was bad, though.

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Good ideas above. Also check for light bulbs turned on when they shouldn’t be, like inside the glove compartment, engine compartment, trunk etc. Brake lights sometimes come on b/c of a faulty brake light switch too, so keep an eye on the brake lights when the car is parked.