2019 Nissan Armada - Starting issues

Vehicle would not start. Dash lights would come on, but pushing the start button had no effect.
I have replaced the battery about 3 to 4 weeks ago. seemed to clear the problem until today. doing the same as before.

A 2019 should still be under warranty. Why haven’t you had the dealership diagnose the problem?


Could be problem with the neutral safety switch. Can you shift it from P to N and then try starting it? See owners manual for more about this.


If you let this truck sit a lot, the battery will run down by itself as the truck draws a little fron the battery even while off. You may just need to drive it more. But, it is likely still under warranty…see your dealer.

Try replacing the FOB battery . If it is not seeing the FOB it is not going to start .

That was done. I replaced the main battery and that seem to fix it for a while. the car sat for almost a week unused then it wouldn’t start without putting the charger on it. Voltage doped too around 8 volts.
Not sure why the new battery dropped 4.5 volts sitting unused.

Some times double clutching the brakes works. I also was informed by my wife that she couldn’t shift out of park.
Is it a brake switch issue? where is it located?

Well , there is a term I have never heard . What is Double clutching the brakes ?


You most likely have a parasitic draw.

Just curious how a 2019 is out of warranty. Were you able to purchase a 2019 in August of 2018? I did not think they went on sale until October at the earliest.

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it sounds like a failing brake sensor switch. there have been complaints on other forums about them failing.

Unless the OP has racked-up a LOT of miles on the odometer, it should still be covered by the warranty.

Pushing the break pedal as far as you can twice then push the start button. It worked for me a few times when I tried to troubleshoot the issue I have been dealing with. It worked a time or two for my wife of which is the primary driver of this vehicle. I am trying to gather as much information before going to the dealership or it might be something I can replace.

the brake light switch is located behind the brake pedal. the metal shaft of the brake pedal pushes a button on the brake switch. its usually easy to change and not that expensive. look on youtube and you can probably see how its done. but the dealer should replace it for free you should still be under the warranty.

If the vehicle is still under warranty, why would you even contemplate replacing parts on your own?
Is this truck still covered by the mfr’s warranty? You still haven’t divulged that detail.

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It sounds like a battery/charging system problem. Ask your shop to double check those two functions. You should also do what you can to verify nothing remains turned on when the vehicle is parked. Check the tail lights, & given what you say, especially the brake lights. I had to replace the stop lamp switch on my Corolla last year, b/c I noticed the brake lights were still on even though the car was parked & I was no longer inside. Also check light bulbs inside the glove compartment, trunk, under the hood, dome & interior lights, etc.

As for as I know it is under warranty. I don’t drive the suv and I don’t know Nissan system. I want a better understanding so when I take it to the dealership. With my wife taking care of her mother due to surgery and the fact she lives in another city makes it hard to only have one vehicle.

If it is still in the warranty period all you do is describe what the problem is as clear as you can make it . You don’t have to know anything about the Nissan system , that is their job. See if they have a loan vehicle and if not rent something . This needs to be fixed .

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+1 to Volvo-V70’s comments, but I want to add that the OP can always elevate his claim to the corporate level if the dealership seems to be unable or unwilling to fix the problem. The toll-free phone number can be found in the Owner’s Manual, along with the mailing address for Nissan of America–or whatever their official name is. And, following-up the phone call with a letter, referencing the date and time of the call, along with a reiteration of the problem, is a good idea.

Hopefully, the dealership will be responsive, and throwing this situation into the lap of the corporate folks won’t be necessary, but it would be a good idea to keep my recommended strategy in mind if it should become necessary.

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It seems to me that if the battery dropped 4.5 volts in a mere week then there is an abnormal parasitic draw.

That is leaving the battery out of the equation since it is new and the assumption is made that the new battery does not have an issue.

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I want to thank all for the feedback etc. I turns out that it was the brake switch stopping us from starting and some brake light causing the battery to drain. while in the shop they updated all recalls.
Wife is good to go…