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2012 Mitsubishi iMIEV - EVs

Reading your recent article on EVs (Electric Vehicles), I thought you might have info on, say, what percent of American car owners take how many trips over 50 miles in a year? I bought a used Mitsubishi i-MIEV, very cheap, a year ago, and I’ve needed to use my old gas guzzler only once since then.

50 miles? Many people do that commuting to work. I’m retired and and do that 2-3 times per week.

My work’s parking garage does not have electrical access to charge an EV, so the puny 50 mile range wouldn’t work for me. My daily commute is about 65 miles four times a week.

I am also retired, and although I only drive about 250-275 miles per week, that total typically includes two or three drives that cover more than 50 miles each.

I’d guess I take a 50 mile or more round trip (in the same day) once a month or so on average.

Another point against the i-MIEV…where I live, it’s freezing in the winter and smoking hot in the summer. How much will my A/C and heater load kill that range?

5 days a week for work and often on at least one weekend day…

Takes energy to drive 'em so yeah, it will kill your range!


exactly what I thought :man_facepalming: Why would you make an EV with such limited range??? :man_facepalming:

My wife and i are both recently retired. We use our car about 80 miles per week, almost every trip is 3-4 miles. I don’t think we’ve taken a trip over 50 miles in the past year. My work commute was 40 miles each way. I took the train.

They grabbed for the lowest cost end of the EV market much like the Nissan Leaf. The cars are barely more than golf carts as far as functionality but they figured it was a run-around-town car.

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