Mazda MX-30 EV

Mazda will start importing the MX-30 EV to California (only) in the fall. It looks great to me, but at 124 miles, the range is lacking. There are a few articles on the web, and they all say about the same thing. Here’s on of them:

What do you think of the MX-30?

I did not read the articled itself, just the highlights.
124 miles range would be fine for 90% of my driving. Styling is nice. Cork interior trim might get a little getting used to.
But, just not for me. Still prefer sporty cars for general use.
If I had a stable of cars, I could see that for a daily driver, grocery getter.

A decent first effort but only going to attract those who don’t need the longer range, Many wouldn’t need more than 50-60mi a day but there are those who would like to have the capability.

My daily commute is about 9 mi. each way so the range would be fine but I prefer a sedan so it wouldn’t do for me. My wife, OTOH, loves her Tucson and I could see her driving one of these with no complaints.

For the vast majority of drivers the range is more then adequate. Just not a good vehicle for a long trip, but great as a commuter vehicle.

Seems like a short range for the size battery.

In a California commute, the range isn’t as important as being able to run the AC sitting in traffic for up to an hour each way without a recharge. If it wil run 70 miles and the AC for about 90 minutes, it should be OK.

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It’s hard for manufacturers to determine how much battery is required. While it’s possible to get over 400 miles range, that means more expensive batteries, and a higher list price. An extra 90 miles range (263 to 353) for a Model 3 will cost you $18,000; an extra 54%. If it was available, it might cost another $15,000 to go over 400 miles range on the Model 3. That’s double the price of the least expensive model. Given the high cost of range, auto builders will have to decide the right price point to make market inroads. This isn’t an easy decision.

California will be a good trial run for Mazda, I’d suspect that many buyers will be comparing the range for price with the Leaf, Model3, and Kia Niro EV But we haven’t been told pricing yet. The estimated range is about the round trip commute of a friend who lives outside San Fancisco. Better suited as the family school run vehicle i suppose.

I’m disappointed and surprised it’s under 200 miles.


The base Leaf isn’t rated for all that much more, if you go up the range a little you can get over 200mi on a charge. Would have to be cheaper than many competitors, a friend with a Niro EV is managing closer to 250mi on a charge. Washington winter didn’t zap the range any because of a cold weather pack that includes a battery warmer.
California buyers will decide if it’s for them or not.

The real winner will be the version that is a plug-in hybrid using a rotary engine to power a generator that will offer extended range. The full electric model will have enough range for suburban grocery getters, but long range commuters like me will need the extra range of the plug-in hybrid.

In any event, this is just the first effort for Mazda as it begins to dabble in the electric and hybrid space. Since they have topped the charts on reliability recently and they are trying to build a luxury brand reputation, I think they are moving slowly so they don’t make any major mistakes that set them back against the very tough competition from Toyota, Honda, and Subaru.

Where do they start their quest for a full no-emission lineup for the Cali market? Gov. Newsome declared that no new vehicle sold after 2035 can create polluting emissions. Now is a good time to get started so that they can have a full array of EVs available.

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2035 is 14 years from now. I’m pretty sure that they will have a full line-up of EV’s by then, especially since Mazda is partnering with Toyota. That should help jumpstart their EV technology.

I only own one vehicle at a time, so whatever I drive has to be a do-everything.
While the range of this Mazda model would fit my usual day to day needs, it wouldn’t work for me when I go to visit my brother and SIL in rural PA or a friend in DE, so on that basis I would have to rule-out something with such a limited driving range.

That’s why they are starting now, so that they can have a seamless transition to EVs or hydrogen when the time comes for mandated use.

So many electrics with much longer range, and plug-in hybrids with no range anxiety… I see only a narrow niche for this one.


Nor would it work for us visiting family in the Dallas area (roughly 600 mi. one way) but that’s why they invented car rental companies. :wink:

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With a state of the art car that competes with the Tesla 3, not the cheapest EV on the market.

CR gives their early opinion of this vehicle:

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They’ll arrange to rent a press car when they’re available.