What causes this rattle? (Please listen to 10 sec. recording)

It is a 2001 with 75K miles and recently developed a weird rattle. It seems to be coming from underneath the car. It only rattles when in gear, not when idling or in neutral. I checked the transmission oil level and it is okay. No leaks on the floor under the car. Could it be the cat?

Here is the sound recording: Dropbox - Car Noise.wav - Simplify your life

Please let me know. Thank you!

I can almost gaurantee that not everyone who reads this post will know what LMK stands for .

LMK – Let Me Know .

The link does not work.
but I will take a guess and say it is probably coming from a loose exhaust part or a heat shield.


Thank you. Im working on fixing the link.

Sounds like the flex plate is cracked or torque converter bolts are loose.

Does it do it in reverse too?

Yes it rattles when in drive and reverse mode, but not when in park or neutral.