Sell the car?

My 1999 E320 runs well. I have spent about $1500.00 in 2009 for company recommended flexible maintenance. It has about 150,000 miles. I drive about 100 miles a week. Should I sell it before it causes any significant problems?

Can you recommend a good mechanic for this car in the Baltimore area?

At 150K it’s just broken in real well. You can expect some expense to drive such a nice car, but it’s cheaper than the payments on a new Benz.

If you are looking for a good indy shop in your area, look at the Mechanics Files on this same website. There is sure to be at least one good shop out there.

If someone was paying me mileage such as 40 cents per miles, I would hang on to the car. If I was paying all this out of my own pocket, I would sell the car immediately and get a frugal, quiet commuter such as a Hyunda Sonata ($20,000 loaded) and drive happily and cheaply for the next 250,000 miles!

You present car at the rate you drive will soon start costing 3000-4000 dollars per year in maintenance and repairs. The E class is not the worst Mercedes, but as the miles accumulate, they don’t last the way they used to. In the mid 80s a friend in Texas had a Tubodiesel E Class. These cars would run forever. Those days are gone.

I have a number of friends who drive these cars, but they are retired and only drive 8000 miles a year or so. And their cars look good parked at the country club.