2012 Mazda Mazda3 passenger windows won’t work

Hi. All of my electric passenger windows stopped working. No movement using driver side switches or passenger switches. Both power window fuses are good (tested with ohm meter). I have not disconnected the battery. The problem came on suddenly - no failures before. The driver’s side window works perfectly. Ideas? Thanks.

Have you verified the passenger window lock out button is not depressed at the master window switch?


Any signs of the insulation chaffing where the wires go from the driver’s door through the door hinge area? Broken wires, worn insulation in that area can cause this. If not that, and TXdealer’s idea doesn’t pan out, most likely there’s a problem with one of the control switches inside the driver’s door panel.

Thanks for the replies!

I had tried the lock-out button. I did try it again last night and pressed the button to lower the window down for a longer period of time. And applying that technique to each window, they each went down. It felt like a seal popped when the window went down. Like a bolt that was overtightened and finally came lose. I read online about a recalibration technique for the windows. I may need to do that. Perhaps the windows are pushing up too far and it takes a couple seconds before they start going down. I don’t use the passenger windows often either.

Anyhow thank you both for your responses and helping me resolve this issue.