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2012 Mazda Mazda2 radio problem

What did you do to fix the radio problem?

Hi Carolyn ,welcome to the forum. We could better be of assistance if we knew what kind of radio problem you are having.

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ye, going to need more info on what is going on before anyone can offer assistance.

What is the problem?
Factory radio, or aftermarket?
is this problem, by any chance, after a battery replacement?

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Mazda 2 2012. Radio has power but no sound. Works intermittently. If you hit the dash just right it comes on. Looked at a lot of sites. Seems fairly typical. But with no resolution.

if hitting the dash temporarily fixes it, then that sounds like a loose connection somewhere. Could be wiring at the back on the radio head, or could be internal to the radio head unit. going to have to pull the head unit out of the dash and start checking wires.

You are out of warranty so find a local auto stereo shop and they can either fix this or replace the radio with really neat features for you. That is if you don’t feel comfortable trying to remove the radio yourself.