2012 Kia Sorento - Repeat issues - any suggestions?

2012 Sorento EX 6 cyl have had to replace the battery 2 times, had the air turn off and on, took it in to find out the problem, told it was the compressor and therostat, had to replace the radiator and therostat, and now we are having the same problem as we have had. Had to have it flat bedded to the dealership in Merritt Island again and they said after calling numberous times trying to find out what is going on that now they say we have something wrong with the head casket. Been wrong twice, do I believe this is right this time. Getting rid of this car.

Nice area! I am on the GuIf side (winters), Sun Coast area, and recently visited Cocoa Beach for several days.

Anyhow, why was it flat bedded?

Did it fail to start? Did it seems completely dead with no attempt to crank-over and start?