2003 Kia Sorento - cranks but won’t start

car cracks once but not starting. changed the engine but still could not start. please help

Here we go again - a vague post that really does not make any sense .

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I’m going to make some assumptions, that you mean cranks and that you replaced the starter, not the engine since it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. Anyway, you say it cranks once. Does it stop cranking even if you continue holding the key in the start position? Have you tested the battery or had it tested? What is the condition of the cables? Any obvious corrosion, poor connections? My top-of-the-head guess is a bad battery but you need to eliminate other possibilities.


I presume you mean you hear the rrr rrr rrr sound once, it doesn’t catch & run, then next time you turn the key to start there’s no rrrr rrr rrr sound. If so, do you at least hear a click the second time?
Given the info provided to date, concur w/@davepsinbox_157004 above, battery test goes first.