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2012 Kia Sorento key stuck

has anyone had a problem turning the key to “far” and no electric come on? Kia will start/run but no light’s inside or out. Key is basically “stuck” to far.

I don’t fully understand your question, but it seems like you should consult a locksmith.

When you start the kia sorrento you can actually turn the key to “far” and it will stick there until you turn it back a little bit. No electric will work in the car. No radio, brake light’s no a/c. but the engine will run.

This is why basic english classes are a part of life.

As if you are turning the key to a position labeled “Far”

Correct: turn the key too far and it will stick there
and you must turn the key back to “Run” yourself, because the ignition does not return the key to “Run”.

This would point to a sticking ignition.

Take to to a good mechanic and they should be able to deduce what replacement parts are needed.