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2012 Kia Sedona won't start

2012 sedona, won’t start, replaced fuel pump assembly and still won’t start. what else can it be? can’t find fuel filter apparently its built into the fuel pump assembly

Why did you replace the fuel pump? Did it stop running? Did you measure the pressure and find it low? Does the car have spark? Air? Fuel? All 3 are needed to get the engine to start. Just what diagnostics have you done to find the cause of the no-start?

I ask this since the cause of a car not starting are numerous.

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thanks for your input i appreciate it. I replaced fuel pump because i could,nt hear pump running w key turned on, but did,nt solve the problem. i checked and do have good spark, also checked online to verify it has a timing chain and not a belt. So the timing should be ok so i,m still baffled, am going to pull out the front three plugs and shoot starting fluid in there and see if it will pop. I’m starting to suspect fuel injectors even though i know its highle unlikely they all went bad at once…any ideas?

Don’t pull plugs to use starting fluid. Spray it briefly into the air intake, while cranking, with all the spark plugs installed and hooked up. If you get a brief firing up, that tells you you have a fuel delivery problem. Could be fuel pump relay not working, or ignition switch, etc.