2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee reliability

Hello, could you please advise if 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee is reliable, does not have major problems. Thank You Very Much.

It is impossible to say if any 9 year old car is reliable. At this point, it’s all about how well the previous owner(s) took care of the scheduled maintenance and oil/fluid changes. Having records is a huge plus, and take prospective Jeep to your mechanic to be inspected prior to purchasing. If the current owner won’t let you do that, keep walking. There are a lot of used cars out there.

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As Pyrolord stated, nobody can attest to the reliability of any 9 year old car. But, it is worth noting that these vehicles were not very reliable when they were new, and it is unlikely that one of them would have become more reliable after almost a decade. As I recall, the biggest problems with that model had to do with its electrical system and its electronics.

The earlier Jeep Cherokees built a great reputation based on simpler technologies and a very simple and basic cast iron engine very similar to 1960s American Motors base engines. The later engines including the 2009 are not nearly as dependable but Jeep enjoys the profits as they ride out the fading reputation of older models and the uninformed used car buyer who doesn’t know from beans what’s under the hood of a vehicle can be very disappointed for their ignorance. By now the old reliable models are sinking into scrap yards, some with 400,000+ miles before giving up the ghost. Very few later models will ever hang on that long.