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2012 Infiniti M37 - Windows won't work. What's my first step?

automatic windows not working

That’s a pity. A well recommended independent mechanic can probably get them fixed up for you since your car is, after all, 7 years old and things do get worn out!

Check fuse, check switches, check wires for opens, check motor.

If the applicable fuses are good, most likely you or your shop will have to remove the door panel and – using the electrical schematic as reference – measure some voltages at various test points. The objective is to determine if the problem is physical interference, electrical switch , the electric motor, etc. If you want to start with something easier, make sure the space where the side of the window moves through its channel is free of debris. Running a very thin screwdriver blade through that area to dislodge accumulated gunk can sometimes help.

All of your windows are not working? If that is the case…it will either be (or usually is) a broken ground wire, possibly in the door jamb harness, or a failed master window switch in the drivers door.

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Make sure you didn’t inadvertently lock them with the button on the master switch. If you have recently replaced or had to jump start the car look up the procedure to reinitialize the the windows.

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