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2012 Hyundai Veloster - Second transmission

My velositer won’t go into gear. I have had the tranny replaced at 40,000 miles already. My car is at 106,000 now. Does anyone know if there are issues with this?

Maybe time for another new transmission.

Two transmissions in less than 4 years?

You got 40K miles from the first and 66K miles from the second. Years don’t matter. Please notice you didn’t even tell us what type of transmission is IN the car - manual or automatic.

Totally unacceptable, IMHO but you don’t say how they were maintained, how long youv’e had the car, the reason for the first failure. If you bought it right after the first transmission failure… well that was a hint, wasn’t it? If you had the trans replaced right after you bought it, that, too, was a hint.

True. Automatic Transmission installed by a Hyundai dealership. The dealer didn’t say why it was needed. It had to be replaced a year after I purchased it. I looked into everything that was done to the care befor I bought it. There were no red flags. I even had an independent machanic look at it first.

Looking at… The Veloster doesn’t really show a huge number of transmission problems.

Since Hyundai has a 10 year 100K mile warranty, … (edit) Ooops, you have 106k miles. My bad not under warranty. Still, fix it and sell the thing within, oh, 20K miles at most.

As near as I can tell the OP bought this thing used and it now has 106000 miles. The drive line warranty to the second owner is reduced from 10 years and 100000 miles to something else.

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I have it in the dealer and he is saying the error codes say it’s a sensor. Also something about a regulator of the fuel to the engine… $600. I’m going to fix it and sell it… thank you everyone for the feedback. Any other words of wisdom?

Unfortunately, you have no idea how the previous owner treated the transmission. And you have to drive DCT vehicles more like a manual transmission than an automatic – i.e, no sitting on hills with your foot off the brake letting the engine hold the car, because if you do, you’re prematurely wearing the clutches, no creeping forward at stoplights, etc.

Check this video out and see if you have any of the habits it mentions:

Thank you. I will .