2012 Hyundai Santa Fe - Interior lights acting up

Interior lights do not come on when door is opened or go off when door is closed

Which one?

They don’t turn on OR they don’t turn off

Can’t be both.

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Is the ON - DOOR - OFF switch in the proper position?

I have to say, that’s some pretty complicated arrangement for something as simple as lighting the passenger compartment when the door is opened . Looks like IRS instructions! …lol …

That is not complcated , many vehicles map lights work the same way .

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It’s just a 3 position switch, pretty simple

OFF = Off all the time
DOOR = On when door open/Off when door closed
ON = On all the time

New fangled gadgetry can be confusing. I can see why a driver might want the light to come on w/door closed, but I wonder why a driver would ever want the interior light to be off when door is open? If you want it off, just close the door. Maybe to prevent battery from discharging when working on car I guess.

New Technology? Get serious .

Near fangled? Almost 50 years ago my 1975 Corolla interior light had that off/door/on type switch, your Corolla probably does too. I guess old tech gadgets are still confusing.


My Corolla has a manual operated switch, but not nearly the functionality described in post 3 above

  • No lens to push on lamp to turn it on or off
  • No spot beams
  • No lamps turn on when doors are unlocked
  • No 30 second or 20 minute “on” time
  • No gradual decrease in brightness
  • No involvement at all with ignition switch

Can’t speak to the 1995 Corolla, but beyond this sort of cursory description

the 1992 Corolla’s indoor lighting function is very different. If the instructions had said what It’s Me suggested they said, I would agreee it’s simple. But they don’t, and they are definitely not simple