2012 Honda CR-V - Starter issues

2012 Honda CRV go to start and nothing tried it again and a third time and it started. this only after the car has been sitting for 5 to 10 minutes. Tried the mechanics key and the spare the same results random times to start. noticed a indicator light on the dash of a steering wheel &! after this checked to see if I had a half blown fuse and was experiencing an arc on dice, relays are fine. So far don’t have an answer. I have never before ran into this symptom. last check is to check the starter and solinoide and conections. only 4200 k on this vehicle

the symbol you got was for the electronic power steering.
arc on dice?
any arcing is not good

There is no such thing. It is blown or not blown, there is no half-blown.

So 4200 k miles is 4,200,000 miles or it is 4,200 km. I doubt both of those figures. 42,000 km maybe. Which is it?

When was the last time the battery was replaced?


That’s the automotive equivalent of being slightly pregnant.


That is called an arcing fuse working on a TOYOTA Camry @ the body shop I worked @ we the drivers head light working @ half power pulled the entire herness out of its casing to find nothing wrong with the wiring then rechecked the fuses by removing the Fuse and found the fuse was partially blown and arcing allowing the head light to come on dimly so in the case of this accident repair it was an arcing half blown fuse.

Try starting in Neutral when this happens.

Any error codes?

Guess you have never worked in a collision shop and or have an open mind for the unexspected

No, I have never worked in a collision shop and I definitely don’t have any idea about the meaning of “unexspected”.