'10 CR-V with intermittent starting problems

Hey all,

My wife’s car has been having a couple instances of not starting. It didn’t even try turning over when she would turn the key. We bought her a new battery thinking that was the culprit. It turns out the battery wasn’t it… Just yesterday, she ran into a store, came back out, and tried unlocking the car with her remote on her keychain. Nothing… then she got in and tried starting it… nothing. It doesn’t click, try and turn over, or anything. She called me, waited 10 minutes, and then it started right up. She then shut it off, tried turning it back on, and nothing again. It’s almost like something is loose? Any ideas? thanks all for your help!

I assume the battery cable terminals were cleaned up nicely when the battery was replaced and those connections are tight. Sometimes the cables start to corrode under the insulation where you can’t easily see it. Can you peel back the insulation a bit to check? Also make sure the other end of the black cable is attached firmly.

I’ve been seeing the same issue from time to time. It’s never failed to start on the second try. I’ve had a new battery, new starter motor and relay, and no luck.

In my case it doesn’t even try to start. Which led me to a random theory that it might be one of the interlocks, like the clutch pedal in my manual transmission (you have to have the clutch dis-engaged – i.e. pressed to start of course, in an automatic I assume you have to be in neutral), so there must be some clutch position switch that is used to gate the ignition signal. I’ve not tested this theory yet.

Good luck!


Have you had any recalls performed on the vehicle?

According to Honda, a “small number” (looks to me like a very small number) of 2010 CRVs were under Safety Recall because a loose wire terminal may cause engine stalling or no start.

I’m sure attempt was made to notify all owners, but I’d have a dealer run your VIN, just to be certain that your vehicle wasn’t identified and has been missed. Dealers were notified in a 01/15/11 letter.

Six pages of instructions (with photos and arrows) guide technicians through repairing a wiring harness with a repair kit.