2012 Honda Civic Sdn - Temporary warning light

So my check airbag system light came on for one trip and then the next time I got in my car and many times after that it did not come back on again so it was on for a total of 15 minutes for one ride do I need to be concerned if the light has gone back off every ride sense

No, if the light is off, the fault that caused it to come on is gone. Drive on. If you are curious as to why it came on, the error may be stored so it can be retrieved. It will take more than the free code readings offered at AutoZone and others to read, however.

If the light comes back, take it in for service as your airbags will not protect you in a crash if the light is on.

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Also, I have to wonder if the OP’s car is one that is covered by the massive air bag recall.
If it was purchased as a used car, it is entirely possible that Honda of America was not able to notify him of a recall.

This site will inform him about any and all active recalls on his car:
Check for Recalls: Vehicle, Car Seat, Tire, Equipment | NHTSA

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