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2012 GMC Terrain radio trouble

Good Morning
I have been reading complaint after complaint about this problem with the radios that were installed in the years 2011 to 2016 and they are the same as mine.
Is There A Recall one them and if not there should be
This SUV is one of the best SUVs I’ve ever owned except for this one thing
Maybe you can tell me what I need ? Or how GM can help me
I have a 2012 GMC Terrain SLT with a navigational factory radio.

When it is in reverse everything on the radio works, everything …
I put it into gear to go forward and the radio itself shuts down (no music what so ever) no display and no GPS The screen and music go blank…
But the controls that give me the heated seats fan etc are fine.

Can you tell me what is wrong and how GM can help me and what I need?
But Get This
When I put it in revers the radio works fine with all the controls and back up camera.
But I hate driving in reverse to hear my music and GPS.
It makes it a long trip in revers
Please help

Well your GM dealer will “help” you, but a automotive stereo shop might be cheaper.

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Recalls are generally issued for safety related issues or failures of major mechanical components. Unfortunately the radio doesn’t fall under either category. Agree with @Purebred that a car audio shop is probably your best bet.

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Thank you for your reply

I’d contact GM as listed in the owners manual, for complaints. They may have issued a TSB and a fix about this issue. A dealer or audio shop may or may not know or care about that, but it would be the most authoritative answer. Don’t expect a fix for free, though.

I would avoid aftermarket audio stuff.

The OP should be aware that there is a major difference between a TSB and a recall.
This type of problem is not one for which a mfr is going to recall a vehicle.